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For US citizens or legal immigrants (included working visa, student or scholar visa holders), if an individual annual income is below $48,240 or a household of four annual income below $98,400, government payment assistance is available to purchase health insurance plans. Some low-income individuals or families may qualify for government free medical programs like Medicaid or Chip.

Insurance plan prices will be only based on age, smoking or not and resident county; sex or medical history will not affect the premium. In order to obtain government assistance, you must submit an application on Marketplace; if you directly purchase insurance from carriers, you are disqualified for payment assistance.

You will have to pay a penalty if you don’t have any health coverage. The penalty in 2017 is 2.5% of household annual income above the tax filing threshold; or it is $695 per adult and half of the amount for Children, up to a maximum of $2,085. The penalty will be the higher amount of these two calculations.

Seeking for assistance from insurance agent will not increase your insurance premium. Dr. Allen is an experienced agent in dealing with complicated family composite.  She holds the highest IRS issued tax professional certificate (Enrolled Agent). Her tax knowledge can effectively help you to utilize tax saving strategies to reduce your taxable income and increase your payment assistance credits. IRS imposes high standards on Enrolled Agent in many aspects such as tax knowledge and customer privacy security; choosing her as your agent will assure you to have more professional, secure and reliable services. She can also provide you high-quality life insurance and retirement annuity plans; you no longer need to find three different agents to serve these important needs to your family.

Want a Premium Quote? Please call Dr. Allen at 859-982-9468 with the following information: Home zip code, County name, Household annual income, family member age and if a smoker or not. Dr. Allen will check your premium and subsidy online and tell you right away!