One Billion Stollen – SWIFT software hacked with no firewall?!?!?!

One more reason to be vigilant with your networks. A Billion dollars stolen in Bangladesh.  The SWIFT banking software was hacked.  Sadly the bank had no firewalls and a infrastructure made of $10.00 switches!  Don’t let this happen to you!    

xsimplr IT’s Mission Statement

  It’s so easy to just bypass such a simple need for a new company but we believe in our mission at xsimplr IT.     So as our mission, we at xsimplr IT believe in the power of small business driven by you. With a single idea great things can be achieved!  xsimplr IT’s…

A new page but same great service

xsimplr has officially launched our newest service.  xsimplr IT!  Broadening our already great service offerings for Insurance and Tax and Financial services.  Watch us as we grow!